Installation of steelwork


The shipment of the material can be done by own transport means, since we have an adequate vehicle fleet with trucks and truck cranes that can also do the unloading when requested, or through our usual forwarding agents who can reach anywhere in the world by using methods of packing that ensure the integrity of the product.


The installation activity for civil and industrial buildings can be done by internal personnel or in outsourcing and under our responsibility using leading mounting companies with whom we have long established and regular cooperation.

Furthermore Colombo SPA ensures a scrupulous and careful observance of the safety standards for preventing and avoiding accidents both in the manufacturing plant and during the installation on site by the constant supervision of professional and competent people who give full assistance and cooperation to the works management and to all the people involved, such as other companies often also dealing with the development of complex and structured projects (Colombo Spa can boast of an index of injure and severity significantly lower than the one of the national average in their sector and this is the result of the acquired level of expertise of all the company employees).

When the installation is completed, a final assembly inspection is done and a declaration of correct mounting is issued.


All our technical, productive and organizational staff guarantees a wide after sales assistance for every aspect related to the finished product either for problems raised by the product or due to independent/external causes.

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