Year 1995

Colombo S.p:A. together with another steel workshop in Lombardy have established a permanent Consortium named EUROPA 2000 in order to convey the technical/productive synergies of the two industrial companies with the purpose to acquire contracts in the European and international markets for the fabrication of steel works for telecommunication towers, power lines , substations, steels works for civil and industrial buildings, portals and railway lines with a production capacity of ca. 16.000 Ton/year.

CONSORZIO EUROPA 2000 has been able to meet the market needs by offering technical assistance, delivery terms and quality of supplied product with competence, punctuality and accuracy in the execution so to obtain the customers’ loyalty over the years.

Year 1999

In the internalisation perspective undertaken by CONSORZIO EUROPA 2000 in the ’90 there has been a growing request of load tests for the validation of new prototypes and tower types.

This has led both members of the consortium to acquire a shareholding in the company Tower Test Srl with operating center in Guasticce /Livorno for the purpose to get execution times and quality of service of international relevance.

Year 2011

Colombo SpA and a limited number of other investors have decided to establish and participate in the new society NORD BOLT srl. due to the need to have a direct and immediate control over the supply of galvanized fasteners and in this way be able to guarantee quality of product, certificates and packaging at full satisfaction of the customers.

This society has the purpose of commercializing fasteners and hardware purchased from qualified suppliers providing a quantity of stock at the warehouse and ensuring the average need of their regular clients.


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