The experience of five generations started at the end of ‘800 represents the solid base of a Company which is careful to preserve important reference values and familiar traditions for the continuous service to its clients.

The entrepreneurial activity of Colombo SPA in the steel constructions begins at the end of ‘800 at an artisan level in a traditional blacksmith shop in the center of Como by the founder Ceruti Alfredo, near the Cathedral of the city’s patron St.Abbondio.

From early ‘900 he was joined by his son in law Colombo Alfredo and then, immediately after the war,with his son Colombo Ceruti Mario began the industrial growth of the Company; at first in Via Cosenz in 1950 and then in Via Pannilani in 1960, giving in this way his contribution to the industrial evolution of Como area.

Under this new entrepreneurial view, Colombo Ceruti Mario brought into the Company new industrial processes, weaved trade relations with the most important building companies operating on national territory and with local utility companies, later nationalized in ENEL, for the supply of lattice steel towers for power lines and public lighting.

From the 80s the sons Colombo Alfredo and successively Colombo Ceruti Oscar joined the company and, assisted by a capable staff, were able to give the correct interpretation of the innovative spirit of the international markets by giving a new entrepreneurial worldwide impulse and consequently expanding their clientele besides the national borders.

In 2010 the company moved to the new production plant in Casnate con Bernate near Como and here is providing to its clients a technical and manufacturing staff grown with the experience gained in 5 generations and with the aim of a constant improvement of the offered services and products.

The entry of the fifth generation with Valentina and Gianluca is in compliance with Company’s history and past and it’s a starting essential point and, at the same time, the impulse for seeking new professional challenges with the tenacity that steel is requiring and imposing.

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