Antenne e torri per telecomunicazioni

The production follows a tested scheme of Quality Control that, starting from the verification of the materials used, guarantees the full traceability during all the manufacturing process. Furthermore when manufacturing, we make methodical checking in order to guarantee the rightness of all the process (ISO 9001 since 1995, among the first companies in this area).

We are certified by BUREAU VERITAS according to the norm UNI EN 3834-2:2006 (quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials) in conformity with D.M. 14/1/2008

We obtained the certification as Center of Transformation in conformity with D.M. 14th January 2008 “Technical Standards for Construction “ and are qualified as : Workshop for the production of metal carpentry, placing ourselves among the transformation centers in the list of High Council of Public Works. We are able to manufacture structural elements which can be used immediately on construction site and ready to be set up or for further working process.

BENTLEY SOA: Certificate of qualification for the performance of public works for the categories OS18-A and OS6

All the staff employed in the company has been properly trained and educated for the functions covered and particularly all the welders have been qualified according to the norm EN 287 and are working in conformity with the continuous wire welding processes MIG complying with standard UNI EN 2883-1993 and EN 15614, also certified and qualified BUREAU VERITAS.

In the aim of a continuous improvement we have undertaken the certification according to the norm UNI EN 1090-1:2011 for the fabrication of structural steelworks at BUREAU VERITAS, two years in advance on the legal deadline fixed for 2014, therefore we can offer certified products complying also to the CE marks.


For the most complex projects we propose to our Clients to manufacture first a prototype of the product that can be analysed and checked in the details in order to define and reach all the characteristic elements of the product with the full satisfaction of the Client.

Especially the lattice steel towers of new generation are often pre-assembly tested in order to verify the conformity and avoid problems during the assembly on site.

Furthermore Colombo has consolidated partnerships with tower testing stations for the load tests in real scale where the design results are validated and confirmed by the mean of the application of loads simulating the exceptional conditions that could influence the structure during its life cycle.

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